Are Mediums Born or Made? Understanding Your Connection to the Spirit World

Are Mediums Born or Made? Understanding Your Connection to the Spirit World

Jennifer Henryby Jennifer Henry

Life is eternal. We are not humans seeking a spiritual experience, rather, we are souls, or spirits, having a human experience. Our eternal state of being is that of everlasting divine consciousness. As spiritual beings, we are all connected, and therefore, we are always in communication with each other, and all of existence. Sometimes we are aware of this interconnectedness, and sometimes we are so steeped in our human experience that the illusion of separateness temporarily blinds us to the greater reality.

As human beings, we engage in life and communicate with others through our physical senses. We see each other, listen to each other, and we feel or sense each other. We also have a set of inner senses, which can be referred to as the “clairs.” The four main clairs are the vehicle for spirit communication. These clairs are inner or clear seeing, (clairvoyance), inner hearing (clairaudience), inner feeling or sensing (clairsentience), and inner knowing (claircognizance). It is through these inner senses that we communicate with spirit. As we expand and develop these innate abilities, we can receive impressions, or messages, from deceased loved ones, guides, angels and teachers in the spirit world.

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As humans, we live in three dimensional reality, which is a denser and slower vibration than that of the spirit world. Jesus said, ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.” What Jesus meant was that there are many places, both spiritual and physical, for the soul to reside. The spirit world is all around us, it is not somewhere else. It just vibrates at a much faster speed, so we have no awareness of it with our physical senses. Just as the blades of a fan can be seen when the fan is at rest, as the blades move faster and faster, we cannot see them, even though they are still there.

The wavelength through which spirit communication happens, is love. Love is not only the common denominator for all of existence, it is the only constant, and it is our essence. As humans, temporarily residing in these physical bodies, we can raise our vibration to higher and higher states of love. As we do this, we reach the vibrational frequency of higher dimensions where spirit people reside. In this receptive state of love, our minds are “impressed” with messages, pictures and feelings. These impressions are the way spirit people communicate with us. Since we all have inner senses, and we all vibrate a loving frequency, we can all potentially communicate with spirit, and can therefore all become “mediums,” or a bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds.

This capacity for mediumship is inherent within all of us. Let’s compare this mediumistic potential to that of a voice box. We all have a built in mechanism that allows us to sing. Some of us are born with highly developed natural skills, and we can see that with children who come in with an amazing genius for a musical instrument or singing. Some of us can scarcely carry a note and only sing in the shower. The point is, we all have this potential. We all have a voice box. With proper training, and a sincere dedication to develop, we can all learn to sing.

If the desire is there, our channel to the spirit world begins to open. We can all develop this ability. Some of us may never become master opera performers, but we can all learn to sing. We can all learn to communicate with spirit.

About the author:

Jennifer Henry comes form a family of gifted psychics. She is certified in Mediumship and Medical Intuition, and has been offering spiritual readings worldwide since 1987. Jennifer is the founder of the University of Light, offering classes and mentorships in psychic development.

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