Ancient Egyptian Secrets to True Fulfillment Revealed by Ex-Addict

Ancient Egyptian Secrets to True Fulfillment Revealed by Ex-Addict

As strange as it may sound, millions of (likely men!) already know who Vicki Rebecca is; having formerly worked as one of the UK’s most prolific nude models. And it’s a past Vicki is far from ashamed of, including the years of drug abuse that pushed her to reinvent herself through psychotherapy and ancient Egyptian wisdom.

And it’s worked with gusto, allowing Vicki to rebuild a new life as a renowned Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming practitioner. In fact, the concepts she has learned have been so profound that she’s convinced anyone can use them to make simple shifts in their life and achieve the level of existence they have always dreamed of.

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Vicki lays the techniques bare in ‘The Me I Want To Be: Simple Shifts To Authentic Wellbeing’, which fuses modern-day therapeutic practices with ancient Egyptian wisdom that goes back tens of thousands of years.


Life in the 21st century is fast-paced, hectic and often overwhelming. Constant stress creates damaging attitudes that prevent us from fulfilling your potential.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a guidebook for modern living that showed you to do so much more than simply survive?

The Me I Want To Be outlines the simple shifts you can make to a deeper and more fulfilled life. These steps are the cornerstone to understanding the self and living in a more authentic and meaningful way. This guidebook for navigating the pitfalls of everyday life provides the same insights and practical application which acclaimed therapist Vicki Rebecca has successfully used for decades to help clients cast aside negative experiences that produce unhealthy habits and behaviours. Accompanied by a resource book and a full suite of recorded meditations and deep relaxations, it bridges esoteric wisdom and the rigours of the real world by providing simple changes easily applied to daily life.  Easy to read and delivered with humour, it is perfect for dipping in and out of.

This book provides those who are struggling to find their place in world with the missing piece of the puzzle whether that is how they are dealing with thoughts and emotions in the present or from the past, or worrying about the future.

Using enduring ideas from the ancient Egyptians, ‘The Me I Want To Be’ holds the key to mastering thoughts and emotions, allowing individuals to apply positive changes to their lives. The pressures of life are the reason so many of us experience stress, anxiety, unhealthy relationships and feelings of worthlessness. Stress can badly impair our judgement and self-esteem. The ability to relax and engage body and mind is the basis upon which self-knowledge and self-confidence is achieved. By overcoming the distractions of daily life and achieving a state of calm, this book allows readers to understand all aspects of life and appreciate their self-worth.

Forgiving and accepting negative attributes and experiences, allows for a view of life that looks to the future instead of holding onto the past.  Drawing on meditation techniques that allow positive realignment of our perceptions according to a newfound appreciation of our self-worth, the author empowers her audience to live the life they want to live. This unique approach to achieve mastery of the mind increases awareness and combined with motivating self-talk and control of thoughts and emotions, reinforces constructive habits. Through these life changing methods, ‘The Me I Want To Be’ is the answer for anybody looking to take control and realise their goals.

Painful memories can haunt us and render us blind to new opportunities. Drawing on years of expertise in the fields of psychotherapy and hypnosis, the author gives readers the tools to let go of baggage from the past, meet their own needs now and find new ways to catharsis and growth. Once these memories and associated behaviours are relegated to the past, readers can look to the future and shape their lives according to their goals.

The essence of ’The Me I Want To Be’ is a series of easy to follow processes that invite the reader to ask for what they really wish for in life and provides the tools to achieve it. By realigning your perception of yourself and the world around you, Vicki Rebecca enables within you gratitude and wonder of the amazing beings you are and the amazing reality you create.

“People may think that ancient therapeutic concepts are out of reach, inaccessible, out of date and impractical today. My goal is to normalize them, sprinkle them with some humour and turn them into a practical toolkit that anyone in the modern world can use to make their life what they ultimately want it to be,” explains Vicki. “The book turns it all into a very simple process where readers ask themselves what they want to be and then provides a blueprint they can follow to achieve just that. The best bit is that they’ll be deploying secrets that have been used and proven themselves over thousands of years.”

Continuing, “I once had a life of sex, drugs and rock & roll. While I pretended I was on top of the world, I knew deep down that I had totally destroyed my self-esteem and that my life had turned itself into something I never wanted it to be. Undoing these unhealthy habits and behaviours felt impossible, but as I prised myself away from the clutches of the past and embarked on a future I was consciously choosing day by day, I delved deep into everything I needed to learn and used it to produce the abundant and prosperous life I lead today. After delivering the best of what I learned to others for more than twenty years I realised that in the process I had uniquely created a new system which I have served up in the bite-sized chunks in my book. We all consider ourselves unique, however any reader can find in ‘The Me I Want To Be’ the piece of the puzzle that was written for them.”

The author has already tested her book on her clients, with astonishing results. Former client Jill Merrilees comments, “The Me I Want To Be helps everything from the small everyday wobbles of life to those mega challenges that leave your head buried in a world of doubt. It is what has helped me deal with my redundancy, but also the daily chaos of a working single parent. If it wasn’t for Vicki Rebecca and her wisdom and thoughtfulness I would not be as strong as I am. I still have days where I can be overwhelmed with everything going on but I deal with them face on and with strength and courage.”

‘The Me I Want To Be: Simple Shifts To Authentic Wellbeing’ is due for imminent release, and will be available directly from the author’s official website and on Amazon.

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About the Author:

Vicki Rebecca runs a successful Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming practice that includes one to one therapy work and teaching small groups online, in classes and on international retreats. She trains the core skills of personal and spiritual growth including various means of relaxation and mind mastery. This practice is supported by her extensive background in health promotion, fitness training, yoga and meditation practice as well as professional qualifications to trainer level in psychotherapy, advanced clinical hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

However, Vicki herself, does not believe for one second that it’s the qualifications, nor the fact that she has trained with the best, that make her a great therapist. That may have given the foundation but it’s the years of experience, willingness to stand in your shoes and the fact that she loves her work that made the difference. Her primary joy and primary genius IS helping people change and grow.

You can change, things can get better and the shifts may be smaller than you think!

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