Anaya: Creating Music To Produce Love and Manifest Healing

Anaya: Creating Music To Produce Love and Manifest Healing

By Irene Ross

Anyone who’s ever taken a yoga class is no stranger to spiritual music, but one conversation with Anaya is all it takes to really understand just how much music can elevate the human spirit.

That’s something few of us recognize. We contribute to the world by creating, and we find that palette by tapping into that gap between mind and heart. Our thoughts become actions. Life becomes the canvas.

Anaya is an award-winning Brazilian composer, keyboardist and vocalist who refers to her music as “Cosmic New Age.”

When she reflects on her music, she explains that It takes the listener through a spiritual and healing journey that is meant to put a smile on the soul. “My music fulfills a collective yearning shared by humanity for harmony, unity and balance,” she says, adding that, since childhood, she’s always had access to other dimensions. “ The difficult thing was to adapt and live here, so music has an instinctive role for me.”

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Her latest album, Aonki: Gateway To Love, helped her get to that other dimension and connect with Carlos, her late husband. It is a collection of passionately stirring songs, both futuristic and traditional, with members of the Czech Philharmonic playing, in virtual model, in the background.

Like all of her music, Aonki: Gateway To Love is both comforting and energizing while combining orchestral new age, electronic and melodic trance influences and textures. When she writes, she first draws upon her spiritual side and enters into another world, that of musical vibration. She later incorporates her tech background, as a Digital Information Specialist, where she can align the most effective sounds with her spiritual concepts.

A multi-talented professional with a Post Doctorate degree in leadership and a PhD in Information Technologies, Anaya joins her expertise in computer science with a deep understanding of universal spirituality to create a union between technology and the senses.“Telepresence is already a reality in Quantum Physics and the virtual technology platforms. And music has a primordial role for me in this sense.”

“My music can make people go to their hearts and from there the love starts coming. It provides a deep contact with themselves while listening wherever they are.

She continued: “When my husband passed away I first felt as though I had vanished. I went to listen my own music and then started creating a song completely dedicated to him. I was creating and crying at same time,” she said.

Carlos, her beloved deceased husband

Music has one of the highest vibrations and here’s why: When you play an instrument, say, strumming a guitar, it makes objects vibrate. You have notes and they vary in frequency. The note itself doesn’t change, but the sound (pitch) will be different, based on the type of instrument used; for instance, the same note will sound one way on a violin, but another way on a flute.

To put it in perspective, 8Hz is considered to be the natural “beat” of the universe, with our brains operating anywhere from 14 Hz to 40Hz. Even though the notes are always the same, say, a C will always be a C, the sound (pitch) of that note will be different on various instruments. All the other objects in the room (including window shades) will also vibrate, so music’s vibration can reach as high as 440 Hz.

As a result, you vibrate, feel happy and heal. The power of music has always been recognized by the science community, starting with Einstein who often talked about the often close relationship between math, science and music. He said he sees his life in terms of music, and when a scientist says that, maybe we need to pay a little more attention. These days, more and more surgeons are using music to reduce anxiety and fear among their patients, and Anaya’s music is used by The American Health System hospitals.

How do you select music that raises your vibration and tone? Have you ever had a song give you a racing heart or a feeling of excitement and energy? That’s your vibration at work! Look for pitch, speed and words. Then start your own process of healing.

About the author:

Irene Ross is professional writer, editor and blogger. A former magazine editor and newspaper reporter, she is also a health coach and functional practitioner.

Irene often writes about wellness-related topics. As someone who is deeply spiritually rooted and, with her functional approach to health coaching, Irene focuses much of her wellness on the mind-body-connection and the relationship between emotions and physicality. “There are many kinds of wellness–community, financial, spiritual, etc–and if just one is out of balance, it will negatively impact your overall well being.”

She has two websites: and

Photos: Marcio Dias Alves

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