An Introduction to Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology

An Introduction to Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology

by Laurel Federbush

What we’ve been taught about the universe is a relic of the past. Ancient civilizations that depended on astrology and worshiped the sun (Vedic religion, ancient Hinduism, Mithraism, and Zoroastrianism) came up with concepts of a solar system, and the Greek philosophers of the Pythagorean school adopted these ideas. Writings attributed to the occult figure Hermes Trismegistus identify the sun as being at the center, an idea which swayed “Enlightenment” figures such as Copernicus and Sir Isaac Newton. Because of the intellectual sway of these men, we have adopted their ideas as fact. And images from the modern space program tend to confirm their ideas.

But, man-made images aside, there is nothing in our natural world that supports their view of things–namely, that the earth is spherical and revolves around the sun, or that ours is just one of countless worlds swirling through an infinitely vast universe.

Presented here is a new and original theory of how our cosmos works. A much simpler and more compact model with no extraneous parts. A theory called Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology. Here is a description of this model:

There are two parallel flat earths stacked together like a couple of pancakes. We live on one of these, with our relatively tiny sun and moon that circle overhead. On the other side of the other flat earth exists another world with other people, upside-down from our point of view, with their own sun and moon that circle above them.

Our sun transmits scalar electromagnetic waves through the paired flat earths to their moon. Similarly, their sun transmits scalar electromagnetic waves through the paired flat earths to our moon. The familiar craters we see in the face of our moon actually act in much the same way as do the holes in a telephone receiver, the moons functioning as receivers to the transmitting suns.

Scalar waves are an idea of the great inventor Nicola Tesla, outside of mainstream science but supported by scientists Konstantin Meyl, Tom Bearden, and others.
Each of the paired flat earths acts as a resonator to one of the sun-moon pairs. Consequently, each sun is perfectly in resonance with the moon to which it transmits. The scalar waves being transmitted from each sun through the paired flat earths to the moon on the other side form a stationary wave, which acts as an invisible leash, going through the paired flat earths as if no obstacle were there.

Since electromagnetism is a force that can attract and repel at the same time, each of these sun-moon pairs is held together by combined attraction and repulsion as if each were on the other end of a stick from its partner. Our sun’s movements are related to the movements of a moon we cannot see, on the other side of the paired flat earths.

Similarly, our moon’s movements are related to the movements of an invisible sun far below our feet. Our sun and moon are forced to move to different parts of our sky as each is forced to adjust to the motions of its partner, on the other side of the paired flat earths from us.

The interaction between the two stationary waves creates a “Tesla shield,” or a series of impenetrable bubbles, some or all of them concentric, with the paired flat earths at the center. These bubbles rotate independently of each other, and contain luminous points that appear to us as planets and stars.

The inventor Buckminster Fuller wrote about the concept of vector equilibrium, where all forces acting on a point are even. Other theorists such as David Bohm and Arthur M. Young have described the torus (think of a bagel) as a shape uniquely conducive to self-sustaining energy flow, since it is based on vector equilibrium.

The magnetic field around the paired, inverted worlds would be in the form of a dual torus (think of a bagel sliced in half, and then put back together), with the paired flat earths going through the center (where the cream cheese on a bagel might be).

A bit more about the scalar waves: they can pass through any obstacle, and can exist even in a vacuum. The transmitter loses no energy by transmitting scalar waves, so it could go on transmitting indefinitely. Scalar waves can affect brainwaves. Most amazingly, they can move backwards an forwards in time, since time is the fourth dimension, and these waves are fifth-dimensional.

Here this author differs from some of the others who write about scalar waves in an alarmist way, as if they could be used to enslave humanity. In this author’s opinion, scalar waves are infinitely positive and good, divine even, conscious or even consciousness itself. The agent of creation, and protection of that creation. This is arguably consistent with the ideas of all of our major religions.

I believe that this theory is far more elegant than our current model of the cosmos, which has us haphazardly spinning around on a dust mote in some obscure corner of the universe. The world we see around us can easily be explained without supposing the existence of an infinitely vast universe. It is time to re-think our cosmos. Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology offers a new and better way.

About the Author
Laurel Federbush is the author of Flat Earth Meets Tesla: a Primer on Paired, Inverted Worlds Cosmology, available through as a paperback or on Kindle. A professional harpist with a Doctor of Musical Arts degree from the University of Michigan, she is familiar with the concept of waves through her lifelong study of music, and has always been intrigued with creative new ways of seeing things.

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