Aligning with the Present Moment

Aligning with the Present Moment

by Tanaaz Chubb

Staying present is the easiest way to join the flow of life. Joining the flow allows you to automatically create a life that is in vibrational harmony with your soul. When you are stuck in the past or always looking ahead to the future, it is impossible to sync with the creative energy of the Universe. In order to really align your vibration with the power of your soul, you have to bring your awareness to the now.

Being present doesn’t mean that you can’t ever think about the past or the future. Preparing for the future is great, as long as you are not trying to live in the future. There is a difference, and when you shift your awareness in this way, you reclaim your power and start working with the energy of right now.

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“Welcome the present moment as if you had invited it. The present is all we ever have, so we might as well work with it rather than struggling against it. We might as well make it our friend and teacher, rather than our enemy.”—Pema Chödrön

When you start thinking about the future, often it can make you feel anxious or uncertain. Most of us are, in fact, not even aware of how much of our thinking is rooted in the future. We get anxious about the traffic on the way to work before we have even left the house; we get anxious about an upcoming meeting or date. Even small moments of anxiety keep us disconnected from the flow of the Universe.

Returning your attention to the present, however, allows you to stay out of anxious energy and surrender to each moment as it comes. When you surrender to the now you accept the present moment and work with it, rather than against it.

The future is simply a chain of events that you are contributing to in every moment. In order to create a bright future, your present also has to be bright. In order to create an abundant future, your present also needs to be rooted in abundant thinking. Every step you take is creating your future, so work on filling each step with the presence of now.

Exercise: Be in the Present

Take a moment to identify seven things in the room that stand out to you right now. Doing this exercise brings your awareness into the present moment and allows you to merge your energy with that of the Universe. This simple exercise can be extremely powerful, and it can help you come back to the moment whenever you are feeling lost in thoughts of the past or future.

Excerpted from The Power of Positive Energy: Everything you need to awaken your soul, raise your vibration, and manifest an inspired life by Tanaaz Chubb. Copyright © 2017 Adams Media, a division of Simon and Schuster. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved.

About the author:

Tanaaz Chubb is the cocreator and owner of Forever Conscious, a website dedicated to spiritual well-being, mindfulness, and healing. She is the author of Becoming Forever Conscious & Messages for the Soul, and has been featured in Elle Magazine Italia. As a gifted intuitive and astrologer, Tanaaz has worked with many different people from all around the world, helping to guide them through the ups and downs of life. All of her books are a collection of knowledge, wisdom, and lessons that she has learned through guiding others and through walking her own journey. From a young age, Tanaaz was always drawn to the spirit world and has a strong connection with angelic beings. A lot of Tanaaz’s writings come from her connection with the Divine and she hopes that her books will empower, uplift and inspire readers all over the world. She is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post.


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