Alcohol abuse treatment center uses superfoods to help addiction recovery

Alcohol abuse treatment center uses superfoods to help addiction recovery

Sedona ArizonaNutrition plays an important part of successful alcohol addiction treatment, according to the Sanctuary at Sedona in Arizona. This non-12-step treatment center uses a combination of ancient healing modules and cutting edge scientific methods to heal the body, mind, soul and spirit. Its website features a Learning Center that offers a comprehensive resource for topics such as nutrition, codependency and addiction recovery. Benefits of Superfoods and the Sanctuary Food Paradigm is one of the Learning Center’s newest articles, and it discusses the importance of superfoods and how they can help heal the body.

Superfoods are so nutrient dense, they are placed in a category of foods all their own. Health and longevity scientists coined the term “superfoods” in order to emphasize the abnormally high levels of nutrients in certain foods. Some examples of superfoods include goji berries, cacao, bee pollen, hempseeds, coconut, spirulina, chia seeds, and aloe vera.

According to David Wolfe, a health expert and author of best-selling books such as Eating for Beauty and The Sunfood Diet Success System, superfoods is the first step to repairing poor health and preventing future illnesses, whether it be lethargy, obesity or arthritis.

“I am 100% sure it is possible at any age to change our destiny into one of pain-free and vibrant health by intelligently utilizing the power and benefits of superfoods supplements, and remake ourselves right now … ” said Wolfe. “The benefits of superfoods include improvement in the severity of nearly every major disease condition known …”

According to Wolfe, superfoods can mitigate the affects of allergies, arthritis, ADD, chronic fatigue, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure, insomnia, hypoglycemia, nervous system disorders, poor immunity and even skin disorders.

The Sanctuary at Sedona promotes the benefits of superfoods and takes it into consideration when planning the daily menus for clients. Dean Taraborelli, the founder of the Sanctuary, underscores the critical role foods play in the healing process.

“The majority of neurotransmitters are manufactured in the gut so superfoods are critical for brain health,” said Taraborelli.

Christopher Holden, the head chef of the Sanctuary, even holds a lesson explaining the benefits of superfoods to clients, and teaches them how to easily incorporate it into their diets. A video of Holden promoting the benefits of superfoods can be seen below.

Holden states that by simply adding in some of these highly ennobled and extremely nutrient dense foods, the system will naturally begin to balance itself and reconnect with the body’s own innate healing intelligence.

“Once we begin introducing food of such high quality into our lives, the tendency towards health and life promoting practices is literally inevitable,” said Holden.

For anyone who is interested in looking more closely into how to detox from alcohol, the Sanctuary is only one of several drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers attracting attention in North America. One alternative, located a few miles north of the border in Canada, is the Chopra Addiction and Wellness Centre in Squamish, British Columbia. When comparing the costs and pricing of different treatment programs, bear in mind that Americans paying in Canadian dollars may save a significant amount depending on the exchange rate. At the time this article was being researched (March, 2015) one U.S. dollar would buy $1.21 Canadian. So, for example, $1000 Canadian dollars would cost only $828.50 U.S.

In the short video below, Chef Chris talks about using superfoods, including ancient Chinese herbs, as part of the holistic alcohol rehabilitation program at the Sanctuary at Sedona.

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