A Prophecy for 2012 and Beyond

A Prophecy for 2012 and Beyond

by Hugh K. Wolfe, Jr., Ph.D.

According to the Edgar Cayce Readings the Great Pyramid of Egypt is a Chronogram which records the activities of mankind up until the time of when the New Age comes in fully in 2038 A.D.  The area above the Kings Chamber is shown in a cross-sectional view in Figure 1.  As one moves from the Grand Gallery on the right toward the Kings Chamber time changes at a constant rate.  Moving from the right side of the chamber to the wall at the opposite side represents a change in time from 1938 to 1958.  At this point the chronogram continues up the wall and now the time scale changes to a different rate.  The arrows on the left indicate approximate times when events occur.  The reader will notice that there are seven slabs above the Kings Chamber including the two at the top which look like sort of like a roof.   These seven slabs represent the seven Spiritual Centers in the human body.

Figure 1, Illustration of the seven slabs above the Kings Chamber.

As we move up the wall the chronogram is indicating the rise of the Great Spiritual Energy of the New Age which is now returning to the human race.  As a slab is reached in time there is the possibility of activating the energy of the corresponding spiritual center in the human body.

Considering the progress of the spiritual energy alone does not tell much of a story by itself.  However, when it is combined with Edgar Cayce’s interpretation of the Book of Revelation, much more information is revealed.  Table I gives the relationship between Churches and Spiritual Centers, as well as their corresponding, glands, virtues, planetary influences, faults and actions that happen when the corresponding seal or spiritual center is opened. The Edgar Cayce Readings indicate that the Book of revelation is giving us a guideline about what will happen to an individual as they go through different experiences and finally have a complete Spiritual Rebirth.

Notice that the Edgar Cayce information reverses the position of the red horse and the black horse as is actually recorded in the Book of Revelation.

According to the Edgar Cayce readings all of the placements of Table I are not rigidly fixed and depend upon the individual’s actual situation, upbringing, and environment.  Because of this relative nature of influences, the planet Uranus has had a significant influence in recent events.  Note that all of the astrological influences given here were taken from a book on Planetary Personality.

Uranus is located physically between Saturn and Neptune, Slab one and two.  Uranus moved in to Aquarius around 1995.  The negative side of this planetary influence is that people are compulsive, believing that they are special, or different, perhaps identifying with a cult or group that sees itself a having the “One True Belief”.  They may also feel that they must become masters of a new world order like the early Communists, Nazis, or fundamentalists religious groups.  These groups include people like the Taliban and Al Qaeda, but also Christian Fundamentalists such as the Evangelicals or the so-called Religious Right in the U.S.

The corresponding Spiritual Centers or Churches in the Book of Revelation also become activated at the corresponding time associated with the stone slab above the Kings Chamber.  This activation becomes significant when the planetary influences are considered.  The Edgar Cayce Readings say that the rise of the Spiritual energy would not be noticed significantly until about the year 2000.   Referring to Figure 1 this is the time the Spiritual energy reached the third stone slab.   The corresponding level in Table I is third Chakra or Spiritual center.  Notice that the planetary influence is Mars, god of war.    Notice the action which happens when the third Seal is opened.  Out comes the Red horse and he is going to War.  The time period of the third slab corresponds to the events of September 11, 2001 and the wars in Pakistan and Iraq began.  The planet Jupiter (first slab energy) was in Gemini on 9/11.  The negative influence of this transit is that the mind is controlled by law and order with emphasis on retribution, punishment, and predestination.  Remember the Al Quaeda who did this thought they had the “One True Belief” (Uranus in Aquarius).  As the Spiritual Energy rises above the third slab by about 2009 and the war in Iraq may be ended soon after that time.  This Mars energy will never decrease but it will never get any stronger either.

Churches Glands Spiritual Centers Planets Virtues Faults OpeningOf  Seals
7. Laodicea Pituitary Third eye Jupiter True Witness Lukewarm Silence
6. Philadelphia Pineal Crown Mercury Open Door NoFaults Earthquake
5. Sardis Thyroid Throat Uranus Not Defiled Imperfect Souls Slain
4. Thyatira Thymus Heart Venus Charity Fornication Pale Horse- To Kill
3. Pergamos Adrenals Navel Mars Faithful Stumbling Block Red Horse- To War
2. Smyrna Lyden(cells of Leydig) LowerAbdomen Neptune Suffering Insincerity Black Horse -To Weigh and Balance
1. Ephesus Ovaries or Testes Root Saturn Patience Left First Love White Horse- to Conquer

Table I, Symbols associated with The Book of Revelation.

At this point in time the Spiritual Energy is leaving the level of slab number three and will enter slab number four around 2011 to 2012.  Referring to Table I, the planetary influence is Venus, the love planet, and the Spiritual center corresponds to the heart.  The fault of this center is fornication.  With Uranus going into Aries many significant advances will be made in all areas of human endeavor and perhaps AIDS will be cured also.  Could there be an outbreak of ‘free love’ like we had in the sixties?   The ancient Christian Gnostics referred to this level as 666 or the sign of the “beast.”  Also, notice the action which is happening when the fourth Seal or Spiritual Center is opened.   Out comes the Pale Horse whose rider is death and all of hell follows after him.  This could become a pretty gruesome time, however, always remember that mankind has a choice.  In fact, a significant choice has already been made in this country.  We just had a national election in which the people chose a president whose values and aspirations for this country represent the best that is in all of us.

The election could have been predicted as a land-slide by using the fact that Mars entered Scorpio around October 6th.  This transit indicates the desire for revenge for long held grudges.

The foregoing is a small part of the discussion given in the Book: Children of the Creative Force, by Hugh K. Wolfe, Jr., Ph.D. published in Dec. 2007.  The book discusses many more events and situations which are possible up until the year 2038 A.D.  One of the planetary influences which are discussed more fully is those of the planets Neptune and Uranus which have been working together to increase the consciousness of mankind starting in 2003 and continuing onward from 2011 with Neptune’s transit through Pisces until 2026. The book also discusses more fully the Uranus in Aquarius energy which supports terrorism and fundamentalists movements around the world as well as the forecast of it’s eventual disappearance in 2011.  Finally, the Great Pyramid and the Book of Revelation as well as the Edgar Cayce Readings are combined to predict the time when there could be a major earth cataclysms.  In addition, the book gives the criteria for accessing that Great and Awesome Spiritual Energy as well the time when mankind will began to perceive the master of masters, the Christ, in their meditations, and the return of the Christ physically should follow soon afterward.  Available at rosedogbooks.com/chofcrfo.html

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