A Musical Perspective of Life

A Musical Perspective of Life

by Serge Mazerand

As a pianist and a composer, I admit being somewhat biased towards music. Yet, when we really come to think of it, we are all musicians by nature. We hum, whistle, sing and swing. Our vocabulary is impregnated with musical terms: we resonate with people and things, we set the tone, do things in concert and feel upbeat or downbeat. Our hearts are the soundboard that beats the rhythm of our emotions.

I have become fascinated by the many analogies with music when it comes to life. That realization led me to write a book called 7 keys to Serenity–– Creating harmony Within.

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How can we play a harmonious life symphony and not slide into a cacophony? How can we avoid the many dissonances, subtle and not so subtle that–– when left lingering–– contribute to cause mental illness and disease?

Novalis, a German poet, wrote that disease is a musical problem and its cure a musical solution––hardly an exaggeration, I would argue. Music must be understood as sound, vibration, frequencies, amplitudes and rhythms. This is indeed the stuff of life. This is how our cells function. They orchestrate their own symphony, their song, their dance, through the many receptors and effectors their membrane is studded with. These cells are the musicians––some 35 trillion of them––who play the sacred music of our lives. Quite an ensemble, wouldn’t you say?

They orchestrate a subtle symphony called homeostasis. This is the music that keeps us alive and in good health. When some of these musicians begin to play out of tune, they create dissonance. When enough of them get entrained into playing out of sync, the body feels ill at ease. The result is disease. The key is to create and maintain harmony.

Harmony in musical terms is defined as a balanced combination of notes or pitches that create a sound that is pleasing to the ear. While this is by far not a complete description, the essential element is balanced combination. It is not about just one isolated note, but overtones and chords that are assembled and played in unity, alignment and consonance. It is about interconnection. The occasional dissonance is allowed, yet, when not resolving into consonance, it degenerates into a cacophony––far from pleasing the ears.

On the score of life, harmony could be defined as a balanced combination as well: a combination of mental notes––thoughts––but also of words and actions, that are pleasing to the body, mind, heart and soul. To play life in harmony we must therefore endeavour to create alignment and unity between these three components. Sadly, however, this is not what most of us do in our day-to-day lives. We think one thing, we say something else altogether and, even worse, often act in total contradiction. This creates conflict. Thoughts and words are vibrations that create waves. In Physics, we are taught that when waves align, they create what is called “constructive interference”. When, to the contrary they are misaligned, they create “destructive interference”. They can even cancel each other out altogether. This is how white noise is created. As we keep creating these contradictions and misalignments, we produce subtle energy conflicts and blockages that are detrimental to the “chi”, the life energy that keeps us well and healthy.

So, how can we ensure that we create and maintain this harmony in our life symphony?

In my book, I identified seven keys–– in line with the seven notes that create music: ABCDEF and G. The most important key is A and it stands for Awareness. It plays out in all other keys. Awareness has many other names: vigilance, paying attention, consciousness and the much-touted mindfulness. Yet, it is not just a thing of the mind. It has also to do with the heart. It is intuition. More than a state of mind, it is state of being. I compare it to an embedded antenna that helps us scan our inner and outer environment effortlessly. To stay in our musical metaphor, it is the art of listening––the way a conductor listens to his orchestra and detects shortcomings in tone, volume and rhythm.

 As we stand on this “podium” of awareness, we come to notice the subtle music that plays within us. We reconnect with our selves, with our breath, with our emotions.

– Key of B. We realize which attitudes and beliefs empower us and which ones limit our potential

– Key of C: We learn to create our reality by creating thoughts, choices and change.

– Key of D: We incorporate awareness and discipline into a strategy of self-care in the four essential sections of our orchestra: the physical, the mental, the emotional and spiritual.

– Key of E: We become multi-sensory beings, learning to see and feel beyond the visible and the tangible. We notice synchronicity. We become aware of the Human Energy Field and its interconnection with all other fields surrounding us.

– Key of F: We create Flow in our lives through forgiveness and authentic freedom from distractions.

-Key of G: We become aware of guidance, available 24/7 as long as we are connected to the divine energy that permeates the Universe––the matrix of all matter as Max Planck called it.

There are, of course, more variations available in these seven keys, combinations, chords, octaves, sharps and flats–– key variations such as gratitude, attraction, acceptance and many more. When we play them in synergy, they combine to create harmony. Then and then only, do we become the composers and conductors of a beautiful life symphony.

About the author:

Serge Mazerand is an improvisational pianist and composer of healing music. He records and writes under the private label and brand Keys to Serenity®. He is the author of 7 Keys to Serenity: Creating Harmony Within

Born in France, Serge established very early in his life a profound kinship with nature and music. Yet he chose to study business and pursued a corporate career, marketing luxury fragrances throughout the world. Mid-life spurred him to embrace a radical lifestyle change and he immigrated to Canada to build and operate a floating salmon-fishing resort on the North Coast of British Columbia.

The man of action transformed into a man of reflection when he settled on the banks of an enchanted river. The river became his mentor. After some twenty years of introspection and meditation, Serge was inspired to crystallize his thoughts into written notes. 7 keys to Serenity is his first book.

Coming full circle and combining the power of music, of the spoken and written word, Serge has made it his late-in-life mission to contribute to healing nature and people.

As an inspirational speaker of words and player of notes, Serge is available to set the tone at conferences and events that focus on health and wellness, spirituality, self-empowerment and environmental issues. He also stages his own events along with healing benefit concerts.

For bookings or further information, please send a request to: [email protected] or use the contact form at Serge’s website: keystoserenity.com

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