A Holistic Approach to Fighting Diabetes

A Holistic Approach to Fighting Diabetes

Alarming new statistics show that diabetes is on the rise around the world, spiking from 153 million affected in 1980 to 347 million affected in 2008. Moreover, the incidence of diabetes has increased twice as much in American countries when compared to European countries.

For the past few decades, the “fix” doctors and scientists have focused on was substituting sugar for artificial sweetener, trading natural fats for chemical derivatives and prescribing drugs that cause the body to think that blood sugar levels are “within normal range.” However, the statistics speak for themselves: these “fixes” are not working.

Another thing many health professionals do not address is that no matter what the disease process, the whole body is affected by the disease and by trying to fight it off. The body does not compartmentalize how it fights disease. Chicago Healers Practitioner Dr. Helen Lee provides alternative ways to treat diabetes that focus on the whole body, rather than fragmented areas.

  • Quality of Food: Consuming foods full of artificial sweeteners and chemically derived fat substitutes should not sound healthy to anyone. The foods are likely still over-processed and full of none of the nutrition that comes from fresh fruits and vegetables. As a general rule, processed foods should be avoided; they do nothing but increase the level of toxic chemicals that the body needs to rid itself of.
  • Consumption Habits: To keep blood sugar levels regular, eating throughout the day is a great fix. However, snacks should be fresh, healthy and not over-processed. Food is the fuel that the body needs, but it only works if the right kind is consumed.
  • Stress: Stress can be a big problem in regards to diabetes. The adrenal gland controls blood sugar levels, but it also releases a steroid called cortisol as a reaction to stress. Cortisol is a component of the “fight or flight” response and can play a big part in the body’s fat storage and directly affect weight gain in individuals. Think about making lifestyle changes in order to regulate stress, which will in turn help keep weight off.
  • Positive Mindset: A big part of keeping the body relaxed is mindset. Thinking positively about life, situations, work, pastimes and learning how to relax are all key components to a body that works in happy harmony.

Studies continue to investigate the link of any disease to the kinds & quality of foods, lifestyle, genetic predispositions, ethnicity, etc. which may be contributing to it. Ultimately the disease process is a result of the body having to respond to or inability to respond to the many choices that have been made. Changing your choices towards health & life enhancing choices will allow your body to follow suit.

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