A Dream Adventure

A Dream Adventure

Re-Creating Your Self by Christopher Stone

For a while now, we’ve been exploring Re-Creating Your Self in your sleep, a mighty tool for becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire. Sleeping and dreaming are how many of us spend a full one-third of our lives. What a shame it would be to neglect and waste 33 1/3% of the time we spend in this world.

We’ve discussed the importance of sleep and dreams as tools for personal change. When we understand the power of sleeping and dreaming, harness that power, and use it to create better, more fulfilling lives, much more of our personal potential is realized.

We’ve pointed out how you can re-create your self in your sleep automatically. In doing so, many of you realized for the first time that without any effort on your part, you are refreshed and regenerated while you sleep. Everything from your pulse, body temperature, blood pressure and breathing slows down, reinvigorating and renewing your mental and physical self.

As we continued our examination of dreams and the sleep state, I gave you a method for creating specific dreams that you want to have. I explained how by creating specific dreams you can discover the barriers that prevent you from Re-Creating Your Self in line with your Blueprint for Personal Change.

I demonstrated how I created a specific dream that revealed a health challenge of my own creation, and how the dream gave me the information I needed to regain health.

Last time, I revealed that each of us has his own dream language, and so one Interpret Your Dreams book definitely doesn’t fit all.  I went on to explain how to interpret your own specific dream language.

Now it’s time to use your Re-Creating Your Self notebook for a dream adventure.


Step 1: Silently ask your self what you really believe about dreams, and then list your beliefs in your Re-Creating Your Self notebook. For example, do you believe dreams are therapeutic, healing challenges in your life, or, at least, giving you the information required to heal your self in waking life? Do you believe that dreams are in any way important?  Or do you believe they are meaningless, random happenings? Do you believe you can increase dream recall? Is it in your best interest to do so? Do you believe you can create specific dreams you desire to have and remember? From whom did you first accept the beliefs you hold about dreams, their meaning and value? What did that person really know about the dream state? Were they expert in the science of dreams, or were they just expressing second-hand personal beliefs that they had accepted from others? Your answers to these questions will reflect how capable you are of using the sleep state and dreams as powerful tools for the personal change you desire.

STEP 2: Temporarily turn your Re-Creating Your Self notebook into a dream diary. For two weeks, use the method described in a previous column for increasing dream recall. Write down your remembered dreams each morning, or, if you awaken during the night right after a dream, get it down on paper while it is fresh on your mind. Put a check mark next to those dreams that you believe to be meaningful to your life. Put a star beside the dreams that you believe pertinent to becoming the person you want to be, living the life you desire.

STEP 3: After faithfully keeping your dream diary for two weeks, note the number, or percentage, of your dreams that you’ve checked as being meaningful.

STEP 4: List your current beliefs about dreams in your Re-Creating Your Self Notebook. Compare your current beliefs with those earlier beliefs you listed in STEP1. If you doubted the meaningfulness and value of your dreams in that first step, do you now recognize their importance? Or, if you’ve always understood that your dreams are valuable, have you now seen an increase in their importance?

A Re-Creating Your Self Thought: Of course, quality sleep contributes substantially to how e act and feel the next day. Beyond that, dreaming and sleeping have a huge impact on the overall quality of our lives. In truth, dreaming and sleeping can be downright transformative. Put them to work for you, right now.

Coming June 1: Acting Like Your New Self.

Please send your Re-Creating Your Self comments, observations and questions to me at [email protected].

Copyright 2010 by Christopher Stone

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